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Los Pointer de  Alcatea
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Propietario - Los pointer de Alcatea
Morfología de la Cabeza - Los Pointer
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These paintings, photographs and drawings are about some of the pointers who have accompanied me during my more than 30 year-old hobby about this dog breed.Logically, and unfortunately for me, practically all of them are not any more with me. This page is dedicated to their memory.

Cachorros Pointer de Alcatea Dash de Alcatea con 5 meses

Puppy dogs of Alcatea's Pointer

5-month-old Alcatea's Dash

Agi y Ara Ras y Earl de Alcatea
Alcatea's Agi & Ara

Alcatea's Ray & Eart

Gaspi de Alcatea Gaspi Asbi and Bein de Alcatea Asbi y Bein
Alcatea's Gaspi
Alcatea's Asbi & Bein
Asbi de Alcatea and Dabra de Lumerol Asbi y Debra Fernglen Dark Folly Fernglen Dark Folly
Alcatea's Asbi & Lumerol's Dabra
Fernglen Dark Folly
Al de Alcatea Al de Alcatea Boris Boris
Alcatea's Al
Gyrfalcon's Boris
Sparkfield Solace Sparkfield Solace
Sparkfield Solace
Alcatea's Drag
My grand daughter, Almudena Mi nieta Almudena, owener of Alcatea's Pointers Almudena
My granddaughter Almudena and some puppy dogs
Almudena, the owner of Alcatea's Pointer

Lindt de Stroud

Aga de Alcatea Aga

Lindt of Stroud

Alcatea's Aga
Alcatea's Elo
Alcatea's Gilda
Allein de Alcatea Allein Crar de Alcatea Crar
Alcatea's Allein
Alcatea's Crar
Attain de Alcatea Attain Rossenarra Kayftara Rossenarra Kayftara
Alcatea's Attain
Rossenarra Kayftara
Ara de Alcatea Ara de Alcatea Cala de Alcatea Cala de Alcatea
Alcatea's Ara
Alcatea's Cala
Gilda de Alcatea Gilda de Alcatea Alain de Alcatea Alain de Alcatea
 Alcatea's Gilda
Alcatea's Alain
Cal de Alcatea Cal de Alcatea Crar de Alcatea Crar de Alcatea
Alcatea's Cal
Alcatea's Crar
Gaspi, Arco and Neit Arco, Neit y Gaspi Gaspi, Arco and Neit Gaspi, Arco y Neit de Alcatea
Gaspi, Arco & Neit
Gaspi, Arco & Neit
Briminham Crufts 2007 exhibition Briminham Briminham Crufts 2007 exhibition Briminham
Briminham Crufts 2007 Exhibition
Briminham Crufts 2007 Exhibition
Talavera Briminham
Talavera de la Reina 2006 Exhibition
Briminham Crufts 2007 Exhibition
Talavera Briminham
Hunting with bow
Baldio's Day


In this section I want to show collaborations made by friends who share my passion for this beautiful animal. If you are interested in collaborating with a drawing, a painting, an artistic photograph or your own pointer's interpretation, contact me at: lospointerdealcatea@gmail.com and your collaboration will be displayed here along with the author name.

Author:Javier Ruisanchez Garcia

"To Jose Luis for his initiative in the Nature Program".
       Thanks from Javier Ruizsanchez


Gonzalo de Miguel Villa Drawing
Author: Gonzalo de Miguel Villa
Drawing Gonzalo de Miguel Villa
Author: Gonzalo de Miguel Villa
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