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Los Pointer de  Alcatea
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Arab word that means “wolf herd”. I choose this name for my admiration for this great carnivorous mammal, which belongs to the “canidae” family. The wolf is a tireless and great runner, a skilled hunter, he's loved by some and hated by many more. His innate hunting and surviving instincts keeps him living in freedom at our forests till these days. He lives surrounded by uncountable risks that threatens his existence, as it also threatens so many other species.

It is for that great admiration and the number of similar qualities that the wolf and the pointers share that my intention has been, is and will be, to improve the pointers natural skills: their smell, passion and hunting style.


The teaching, education and work of the Alcatea's pointers are made in a natural environment with wild animals. This way of work is a crucial factor in order to observe, study, revive, increase and reinforce the animal's innate qualities.

Eventually, this training speeds up the animal's learning, consolidates its skills, sharpen its natural qualities and his behaviour instincts.

As a result of all this the Alcatea's pointers keep in their memory their hunting images, mainly their mistakes so they can instinctively modify these mistakes in later experiences. They learn and improve their qualities and at the same time, their sons will improve them too, so that their answer to the hunting instinct could improve generation after generation.

In Alcatea we think that the animal's innate qualities and the ones they eventually get working day by day are equally important, because as everybody know the daily work has been the origin of many behaviour development studies.


The Alcatea's pointers morphology qualities belong to the English standard and they are, without any doubt what make this exceptional animal so unique. His shape is an athletic one which trunk is inside the square (cross height equals to trunk length).

Currently the Alcatea's pointer defines an excellent conservation and improvement of the race.


The pointer is the sample dog by excellence. Its name comes from the verb "to point", if we add to this that he's an agile athlete, well-balanced and loving, strong and elegant, able to develop his instinct and hunting qualities in any field, we are describing the Alcatea's pointer.

"It could be said, without any doubt, that the only thing they lack is the capacity of speak”. The people who already, work, hunt and enjoy our pointers know that dogs are really able to share their feelings just with an only look.

The puppies are vaccinated and registered in the L.O.E. and have a veterinary degree. All our puppies have a tattoo in their ear with the "ALCATEA" identification.
In Alcatea we still keep the limited raising general rule, one litter per year.

  "We are alone, absolutely alone on this chance planet: and, amid all the forms of life that surround us, not one, excepting the dog, has made an alliance with us" Maurice Maeterlinck