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Los Pointer de  Alcatea
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He's a hunter and a nature lover; his illusion is to enjoy the nature and his pointers.

His passion about NATURE and hunting has make him TO share his enthusiasm by writting press reports in specialized magazines such as "Caza y Pesca", "Federcaza" or "El Mundo del Perro".

He has been Vice-President of the "Sociedad Canina Castellana de Valladolid" (Valladolid's Castilian Canine Society), President of the "Club Castellano-Leonés de Perros VII" and founder of the "Escuela Deportiva de Caza de la Asociación de Cazadores y Pescadores de Valladolid" (Hunters and Sailors' Association's Sports School of Hunting), which is the first school that was federated in Spain. These charges have made possible the talks about the hunting art and sport tests in different city councils here in Valladolid region.

He created the first sport and entertainment space in game preserve in “Quintanilla de Arriba” and “Villabáñez”, both inside Valladolid city council.

He founded the "Natura 2000" and "Natura 2001" programmes, which consist in an environmental information for children in "Castilla y León" which was carried out by the "Asociación de Cazadores y Pescadores de Valladolid" and the Education and Science Ministry. He also prepared the "Naturaleza 2003", "Naturaleza 2004" and "Naturaleza 2005" Programmes for the children of Valladolid that were organized by the Valladolid Provincial Delegation.

He has organized different courses:
- Hunting with Falcons Foundation
-The Art of Hunting and Hunting Dog training, guarantee by the "Ilustre Colegio de Veterinarios de Valladolid" and teach by Mr. José Manuel Sanz Timón.
-Foundations of the "San Huberto" hunting style.

Currently he's the National Judge of the "San Huberto" hunting style.

Among his collaborations, the most remarkable is the one he has with the Spanish Hunting Federation by donating one of his Alcatea's pointers to Ismael Tragacete, the five times Spanish and World Champion and author of the book "THIS IS HOW I HUNT", in which he speaks about that dog, as the dog he's always dreamt about.

  "We are alone, absolutely alone on this chance planet: and, amid all the forms of life that surround us, not one, excepting the dog, has made an alliance with us" Maurice Maeterlinck